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Mad Men, Season 5, Episode 2: ‘I insulted you because I’m honest. And I apologized because I’m brave.’

April 5, 2012

Are we bothered to blog about Mad Men this week? I thought the episode was way better than last week’s, but maybe that was my internal in-the-moodness and not necessarily the quality of the narrative. Let’s do this person by person, shall we?

Peggy: I like her interactions with this Ginsberg gentleman. She’s bitchy-firm, but fair. Do we think he’s going to break up her and her Village Voice-ass boyfriend? I cannot be bothered to google his name.

Don: Jesus Christ, being a 1960s husband sucks. Giving platitudinous reassurance to old wife, followed by forced cavorting with your new one.

Roger: It’s hard out here for an aging, increasingly obsolete functioning alcoholic.

Betty: Mad Men finally found a way to make Betty interesting: Make her fat! I got nervous at the Very Special Episode cancer, but it turned out to be a scare, which is more Sopranos than Blossom, so I’m OK with it in the end. Betty’s finally realizing that her choices have consequences, and having trouble adjusting to it all.

Henry Francis: How is Don supposed to be the heartthrob of this show? I would mount Henry Francis like one of those horses on Luck.

Pete: Peeeeete! What a fucking human disaster. I think I like the office storylines more than the domestic ones because the villains are clearer.

Harry: There’s something sad about you, kiddo.

Dawn: More, please.

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