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Mad Men – Season 5, Episode 3(!)

April 5, 2012

Are we bothered to blog about Mad Men this week? I thought the episode was way better than last week’s, but maybe that was my internal in-the-moodness and not necessarily the quality of the narrative. Let’s do this person by person, shall we?

I’m starting to think mood makes up a large percentage of viewer enjoyment. On a side note, I watched The Artist last night (in a meh mood) and found it to be pretty, meh.

Peggy: I like her interactions with this Ginsberg gentleman. She’s bitchy-firm, but fair. Do we think he’s going to break up her and her Village Voice-ass boyfriend? I cannot be bothered to google his name.

I don’t think Ginsberg’s supposed to be a love interest. Do we not think he’s a replacement gay? Peggy’s always super-endearing.

Don: Jesus Christ, being a 1960s husband sucks. Giving platitudinous reassurance to old wife, followed by forced cavorting with your new one.

I don’t know what’s particularly 1960s about that. I’m liking Megan dragging Don towards the youth though. We can’t let him become the bitter out-of-touch old dude.

Which brings me nicely onto…

Roger: It’s hard out here for an aging, increasingly obsolete functioning alcoholic.

If the British buyout was the plot cul-de-sac heading into Season 3, I can’t help feeling that the irrelevance of Messrs Sterling & Cooper could be this year’s. I’m kinda done with Bert, but want Roger to stick around. It can’t just be as an obsolete functioning alcoholic, though. Hopefully he’ll get a juicy plot arc, beyond ‘I’m kid’s father, Joan and I should be together’.

Betty: Mad Men finally found a way to make Betty interesting: Make her fat! I got nervous at the Very Special Episode cancer, but it turned out to be a scare, which is more Sopranos than Blossom, so I’m OK with it in the end. Betty’s finally realizing that her choices have consequences, and having trouble adjusting to it all.

I wasn’t too interested in fat Betty. It all just seems like a clever answer to a pregnant January Jones and not much besides. I don’t really believe that Betty (with the voice of her image-obsessed mother in her ear) would let that happen. And why have the scare if she’s ok? Perhaps you just answered that one.

Henry Francis: How is Don supposed to be the heartthrob of this show? I would mount Henry Francis like one of those horses on Luck.

Erm, he just looks like an old dude to me. Don too for that matter.

Pete: Peeeeete! What a fucking human disaster. I think I like the office storylines more than the domestic ones because the villains are clearer.

Is Pete still a villain? He’s the dude holding the accounts side of the company together. Business is dickish, so there’s a productive outlet for his ample serving of that particular characteristic.

Harry: There’s something sad about you, kiddo.

He’s thinner, with cool glasses and yet still nothing more than an irritating dick.

Dawn: More, please.

Mmmmm hmmmm


I’m a lot more enthusiastic about this episode in retrospect. Perhaps that’s because I’m in a good mood…

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